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Star Micronics Solutions for All Industries

Always leading, and always innovating, Star Micronics proudly offers POS solutions for a variety of industries, including retail, restaurant/QSR, cannabis, self-service kiosks, and more.

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Make sure your business has the right hardware to help with online orders.

Online Ordering

Star Micronics is proud to offer a full portfolio of online order printing solutions, including a variety of label and receipt printers for food delivery apps and more.

Woman using connected POS workstation in Retail store.


By partnering with industry-leading POS applications, Star Micronics enables retailers to take advantage of buy online, pick up/return in store (BOPIS/BORIS), self-service kiosks, and more.

A chef cooks in an Asian restaurant.

Restaurant and Kitchen

Star Micronics offers point of sale hardware solutions for every corner of the restaurant, bar, and brewery industries. From kitchen printers to cash drawers, front-of-house and back-of-house offerings.



Speed and accuracy are of utmost importance in the medical field. A provider of high quality, dependable printing hardware, Star Micronics is proud to offer prescription printing and patient and visitor check-in solutions for pharmacies, hospitals, medical offices, and urgent care centers.

Grocery store employee wearing a mask and gloves while stocking fruit.

Health & Safety

Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the way businesses and customers interact. As a result, our experts at Star Micronics have come together to provide you with the ultimate guide for creating health and safety-friendly environments for retail, hospitality, cannabis dispensaries, and more.

Woman using a kiosk machine at an airport.

Self-Service Kiosks & More

By choosing Star Micronics as your self-service solution provider, you’re receiving reliable and best-in-class technology, plus solutions that are easy to integrate and backed by industry-leading partnerships.



Star Micronics takes QSRs of all kinds to the next level by offering a wide portfolio of point of sale (POS) printers, peripherals and cloud services that are stylish, reliable, functional, and affordable.

129 takeout4 2208 star m img


From printing product labels in a warehouse to attaching linerless labels to coffee cups in a café, Star Micronics understands labeling solutions aren’t “one size fits all.” Designed with the application and user in mind, Star Micronics offers label printers with the technology needed for today’s digital world, and label paper for virtually any business scenario.

Cannabis POS hardware


Behind every great piece of hardware is an equally high-quality software. Star Micronics cannabis hardware is integrated with the industry’s leading cannabis point of sale software providers, delivering unbeatable features and reliable compliance.



Star Micronics works with major players in the payment industry – including acquirers, issuers, processors, ISO agents, and ISVs, as well as complimentary hardware vendors – to bridge the gap in the payments world and provide win-win business scenarios for all involved parties while offering a full solution to merchants.

Busy Concert Stadium

Stadium & Amusement Park

By merging innovative hardware and connectivity options with industry-leading software partnerships, we help the following venue types improve the customer experience and increase sales.



Star Micronics offers a wide variety of airline and airport printing solutions, including boarding pass printers, ticket printers, and more.

Technology helping business.

Banking/Credit Union

Star provides a range of banking printers and check franking printers for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions.


Bar Service

We provide a variety of restaurant POS systems solutions for kitchen, bar, brewery, and reservations, including printers and cash drawers.

Dry Cleaning Image

Dry Cleaning

Star provides a wide variety of solutions & systems for dry cleaning POS, including tag printers, ticket printers, receipt printers and more.


Fitness & Health Clubs

Star is proud to offer a variety of Gym, Sports Clubs, and Fitness Center POS Solutions, including receipt printers and more.

Law Enforcement Graphic

Law Enforcement

Star provides a full range of mobile/police car eTicket and eCitation printers for police, public safety, and parking officers.

Library Shelves


Star Micronics offers a wide range of library printers for receipts, labels, due date slips, library self-checkout kiosks, and more.

Lottery Image

Lottery & Gaming

Star provides a full range of gaming ticket solutions like our star lottery ticket printer, casino printer, and more.

Mass Transit Image

Mass Transit

Star's mass transit ticketing & receipts solutions include mobile ticketing, fare collection, printers for ticket vending machines, and more.

Man making a purchase on his mobile phone.

Mobile POS (mPOS)

Star's mPOS hardware, systems, and solutions are ideal for portable printing scenarios in retail stores, restaurants, and field services.

Scrap Yard / Junk Yard

Scrap & Recycling

Star Micronics provides a variety of thermal printers for recycling and scrap yard software, including desktop printers, portable printers, and more.


Salon & Spa

Star Micronics offers a full range of salon POS hardware solutions for online booking and scheduling software and more.

Chef in modern, professional kitchen looking at ticket from mC-Print3 thermal receipt and restaurant printer by Star Micronics.

Kitchen Printers

Equip your professional kitchen with the best POS hardware and technology solutions for streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and exceptional customer service.

Discover Star's Success Stories



Star Micronics POS hardware solutions are designed for adaptability and are compatible with legacy POS, modern cloud-based POS, and everything in between.



Backed by a dedicated integration team, Star Micronics solutions are integrated with the top POS software companies in a wide range of industries.



With sleek designs and built to adapt to a business’s POS for years to come, Star Micronics POS solutions help businesses of all kinds stylishly future-proof their POS.

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