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Point-of-Sale Accessories for All Industries

Star Micronics provides a full range of POS accessories for receipt printers, cash drawers, self-service kiosk printers, portable printers, and more.

POS Accessories for Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Kiosks, & Portables

The IP-rated scanner line includes a desktop scanner, a handheld scanner, and a wireless handheld scanner. With a variety of uses in retail, restaurant, warehouse, and more, find the 1D/2D barcode scanner that is right for you.

Available for iPad, Galaxy Tab, Surface, and more, Star’s tablet enclosures protect your valuables, combining style with steadfast security. This collection has what you need for your tablet-based solution, including the industry-leading Universal mEnclosure that has added security and is compatible with virtually all tablets.

Enhance your SK1-41 series kiosk printers with our large-capacity paper holder, a robust solution designed to maximize uptime and efficiency.

All POS Accessories

Automotive Power Adapter
Power On-the-Go for Select Printers
Barcode Scanner Serial Adapter Kit
Use Star Scanners with PC-Based POS Systems
Battery Chargers for Portable Printers
Designed for use with Star portable printers
Battery Packs for Portable Printers
Designed for use with Star portable printers
Belt Clip
Sturdy Belt Clip for Handheld Printers
Bezel (Snout) for SK1 Kiosk Printer Series
Standard Bezel for SK1 Series
Cable, Cash Drawer, RJ45 Female to RJ11, 15 Inch, Black
Adapts APG Drawer with 320 Interface to Star Cash Drawer
Cable, USB, Cash Drawer, for SMD2 and CD3 USB Models, 6 Feet, Black
USB A to Mini B
Cash Drawer Cable, 72 Inch
Connect Star Cash Drawer to Epson Printer
Cash Drawer Till
Replacement Cash Drawer Till
Cash Drawer Y Cable
Serial Connection
Cash Drawer: Under-Counter Mounting Bracket
Discreetly hide cash drawers under the counter
DP8340 Black Ribbon
800K Character Life
DP8340 Red/Black Ribbon
400K Black/800K Red Character Life
Dual Cash Drawer Secure Y Cable
Secure Dual-Drawer Cable to Printer
Extended Platter for mG-S8200 POS Scale
NTEP-Certified, Stainless Steel
HL3-SK141 Large Kiosk Paper Holder
Large Capacity Paper Holder
HSP7000 Black Ribbon
3M Characters
Kiosk Bezel (Snout)
For Use with TUP592 Kiosk Printers
Label Dispenser
For Preprinted Tamper-Proof Label Rolls
Large Paper Roll Holder for SK1-21/31 Series
Adjustable and External
LED Bezel for SK1
Requires SK1 Type II Printer
Lock & Key Kit for CD4 Cash Drawer and Locking Till, 1 Lock, 2 Keys
Cash Drawer Till Keys (2) for CD4
Locking Till Cover
Locking Money Tray Cover
mC-Sound Customizable Alarm
Reliable, Modern, and Customizable
MCW10 Wireless LAN Device
Compact Wireless Connection
mUnite Printer Shelf
Versatile Self-Service Kiosk Solution
mUnite VESA Pole Mount
Create Versatile Two-Tablet Workstations
Near End Paper Sensor for TUP/TMP500
Senses When Paper Roll is Almost Empty
Paper Roll Holder for TUP500
Large Capacity
Printer Cradle
Portable Printer Battery Cradle, Works with Micro USB Cable
Printer Interfaces
Customize Star Micronics Printers
Replacement Cash Drawer Key
Cash Drawer Till Key
Shoulder Strap for SM-T300
Designed for use with SM-T300 Portable Printer
SK1 – Power Cables
Power Cable Adapter for SK1 Printers
SP700 Black & Red Ink Ribbon
1.5M Characters Black, .075M Characters Red
SP700 Black Ink Ribbon
3M Characters
SP700 Indelible Ink Ribbon
Indelible Ink Ribbon
Spare Key for CD4 Cash Drawer and Locking Till, 1 Key
Cash Drawer & Till Key for CD4
Splash-Proof Cover for Various Star Printers
For TSP650, TSP700, TSP100U, TSP100LAN & TSP100BT
Ticket Alarm
Traditional Buzzer for Kitchens
Universal 24VDC Output Power Supply
Universal 24VDC Output Power Supply
USB Cable (Standard USB-A to Mini USB) for SM-S230
Portable Printer USB Cable
Vertical Stand Kit
Vertical Printer Stand Kit
Wall Mount Bracket
Wall Mount Bracket for Printers
Full 2022 Product Catalog by Star Micronics.

Star Micronics Product Catalog

Star provides various solutions across the technology spectrum, from native to cloud-based apps.



Star Micronics is proud to offer a wide variety of accessories for every corner of a business, including tablet POS stands, scanners, customer displays, kitchen ticket alarm buzzers, shoulder straps and belt clips for portable printers, and more. Accessories for desktop printers include splash-proof covers, vertical stands and wall mount kits, and Star Micronics offers a range of bezels, paper roll holders, and snouts for its line of kiosk printers. Last but not least, Star Micronics proudly offers multiple cash drawer till, till cover, and under-counter mount options for its cash drawer family.



Always leading, and always innovating, Star Micronics provides solutions for retailersrestaurants, delivery and field services, stadiums and amusement parks, and much more. From retail displays and store fixtures to point of purchase displays, no matter the use case, Star Micronics has the POS hardware and accessories businesses need.



A true one-stop shop, Star Micronics provides a full spectrum of POS hardware, including receipt and label printers, self-service kiosk printers, kitchen printers, NTEP certified scales, cash drawers, and more. Make it a bundle with Star Micronics’ wide range of point of sale display accessories!


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