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Why Food Packaging Labels Are Essential to Online Order Fulfillment

Why Food Packaging Labels Are Essential to Online Order Fulfillment

Why Food Packaging Labels Are Essential to Online Order Fulfillment

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Consumers are sold on the convenience of food delivery. Statista reports that online food delivery orders worldwide are projected to reach $1.22 trillion in 2024 and will continue to grow at a 10.06% CAGR through 2028 to reach $1.79 trillion

Both restaurant and grocery food delivery will see greater demand. Statista analysts estimate that 27.4% of the world’s population, about 2 billion people, takes advantage of meal delivery, and they expect the market to grow to 2.5 billion users by 2028. Analysts also expect the grocery delivery market, now about $257.5 billion, to grow to $422.9 billion by 2028.

Due to this growing demand, restaurants and grocery stores have had to adapt their processes. Restaurants must fulfill orders placed online through their websites or apps and third-party delivery services in addition to orders at the table, counter, drive-thru, or self-service kiosks. Grocers have repurposed space and reallocated labor to manage online orders. However, expanding operations has created challenges to efficiency and controlling waste and losses.

Labeling solutions have become essential to streamlined, accurate order fulfillment. Labels help teams organize food and order prep, and food packaging labels ensure customers receive the correct orders securely and on time.

The Labels Necessary for Efficient Food Delivery

Why Food Packaging Labels Are Essential to Online Order Fulfillment

Communication is crucial throughout fulfillment processes, and labels are the most efficient way to bring digital information from online ordering to employees tasked with food prep and packaging.

For example, follow an online order placed with a quick-service restaurant until it reaches the customer:

Repositionable linerless labels:

The online ordering platform communicates the order to the QSR’s point-of-sale (POS) system and generates repositionable labels. These labels, applied to trays in food prep areas, communicate the customers’ menu choices and modifiers to the kitchen staff. Employees can reapply the labels to packaging down the line to ensure precision, eliminate errors, and decrease waste.

Die-cut labels:

When the order is complete, the restaurant can print die-cut labels on demand, adding its brand logo or a thank you message. Labels, whether traditional liner-backed or linerless, can also include promotional messaging or QR codes that customers can scan to join the loyalty program, check their rewards balance, or save a coupon code for future orders. These food packaging labels can contribute to a positive customer experience.

Permanent linerless labels:

Permanent labels direct the order to curbside or in-store pickup, in-house delivery drivers, or third-party delivery. These labels ensure orders go to the proper place, enhancing operational efficiency. Food packaging labels with delivery information can also include barcodes that allow the restaurant to track the order and confirm the correct delivery.

Permanent labels that close containers or bags ensure the order is tamper-proof. If the label is intact, it signals to the customers that their orders are in the same condition when they receive them as when the restaurant packed them.

Learn the importance of permanent linerless labeling in today’s businesses >

How Labeling Solutions Overcome Food Delivery Challenges

The mC-Label3 Multimedia Printer by Star Micronics great for delivery take out online ordering and QSRs.
The mC-Label3 Multimedia Printer by Star Micronics is great for online ordering, takeout, and delivery.

Adding food prep and food packaging labels to online order fulfillment processes results in a range of benefits for restaurants and grocery stores, even beyond ensuring accurate delivery. The return on investment (ROI) of labeling solutions includes:

  • Cost control: Clearly labeled containers and bags allow the kitchen staff or grocery pickers to see exactly what to pack. Therefore, businesses generate less waste and expense from inaccurate orders.
  • Greater productivity: With labels communicating what each online order fulfillment team member must do, employees will have fewer questions that slow processes. Employees will work more quickly and can complete more orders per shift.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Consumers expect accurate, on-time orders that are neatly and securely packaged. Labels help restaurants and grocery stores deliver what their customers want and help build loyalty.

Key Features of Food Delivery Labeling Solutions

To achieve greater accuracy, productivity, and customer satisfaction, restaurants and grocery stores need printers capable of producing the types of labels they need as they require. Star Micronics has developed printers with features that benefit online food order fulfillment, including the mC-Label3 Multifunction Printer and the TSP143IV SK Sticky Linerless Label Printer.

Both have CloudPRNT connectivity for cloud-based printing and are Cloud Ready for Star Cloud Services. They allow restaurant and grocery store managers to build labels on Star’s Label Builder. The mC-Label3 enables users to store up to three images on the printer so that employees can print them on demand with the One Touch button–no internet required.

Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are an increasingly popular choice among restaurants and grocery stores because they decrease paper waste, require fewer roll changes, and streamline workflows by allowing employees to print and apply labels with one hand.

The best printers for online order fulfillment and food packaging labels will also be easy for employees to use and maintain. Downtime isn’t an option when preparing orders accurately and on time. Both the mC-Label3 and TSP143IV SK are designed with user-friendly features. The mC-Label3 even sends maintenance alerts and QR codes with easy-to-follow instructions to keep it operating in top condition.

Exceed Expectations with Labeling

Star Micronics Labeling Solutions Brochure

Star’s advanced labeling solutions cater to a variety of unique needs and applications, ensuring seamless and efficient operations in any industry.

Online food ordering is a relatively new part of many consumers’ routines; however, when they engage with restaurants or grocery stores, they expect accuracy, fast fulfillment, and excellent service. Labeling enables online order fulfillment teams to meet those expectations while keeping operational costs low. 

Furthermore, innovative restaurants and grocery stores can use labeling creatively to elevate their brand image, keep their businesses at the top of consumers’ minds, and increase customer loyalty.

A printing solution with features developed for online order fulfillment and food packaging labels makes it possible.

Explore the range of solutions offered by Star Micronics.

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